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How to get Latest Files/Updates


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    Gregory started the conversation

    I purchased GoSmart from http://www.venustheme.com. How can I get the latest files or updates?  At one point, I was told I could theme off of themeforrest, but themeforrest doesnt know I purchased this theme.

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    Venus Team replied

    Hello Dear,

    You purchased and download package of this theme from themeforest?

    Can you please give me your purchase code?

    The last time we updated this topic was about 1 month ago. If you purchase it during this period, the current package is the latest version.

    Best Regards,

  • SemperDroid replied

    no, I purchased mine theme direct from venustheme.com.  I was told that you were updating the theme in July but have never been able to download an updated version.

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